Tuesday, August 15, 2006


One word to sum up Kingdom Hearts 2: AWESOME.

Okay. I'm still in Level 1 [or two, I'm not so sure myself]. But it IS really great.

It's a good thing I'm not using my brother's old PS2 he bought from the US. A lot of work just to use it. Thank God he bought a NEW one. At least, we don't have to fix the damned transformer thingy to this new one. And the US one, it's really sensitive. You can't use the fake or Malaysian-made CDs or DVDs, otherwise it can't work. STUPID THING.

Roxas...it sounds much better than Sora, don't you think? [No Mar, I'm NOT naming my son Roxas! It's supposed to be Jamie...oh, but that's another story altogether].


*big grin*

I'm going shopping tomorrow.

*bigger grin*


**My chocolate supply's running a little low, so I need to replenish it. If not, I'll start stealing from my mother's supply!**

*Bluesy* out!

Monday, August 14, 2006

I knew it!

I knew I should have dreamt of someone scoring for Chelsea.
I knew I should have dreamt of someone NOT scoring for Liverpool.

But anyway, it was a good game. Mainly because Andriy Shevchenko scored his first goal for Chelsea [thanks to Mr. I'm-not-useless].

And Crouchy didn't listen to me. Hmmph...so angry. But it's okay...he proved himself to be quite useful. =p

And stupid Der GreedyPants limped off after 25 minutes on the pitch. Stupid. Don't know why we even bothered signing you in the first place.

I think we lost because...
1. Petr Cech wasn't the goalie for the day.
2. Makelele wasn't playing.
3. Joe Cole wasn't playing.
4. Eidur Gudjohnsen isn't there anymore.
5. So is Damien Duff.
6. And Asier del Horno.
7. And Hernan Crespo.
8. Taking off Didier Drogba and Arjen Robben wasn't exactly a good move now, was it?
9. Biased referee.
10. The Chelsea fan scored AGAINST us.
11. There were more than 11 players playing for Liverpool [That's how I felt...they were everywhere! No, I'm not counting the Chelsea lads!].

I'm NOT bitter. I do like Liverpool. Well, to a certain extent, of course. I love Chelsea more.

Liverpool is my fourth favourite team. So I like them. Much more than that stupid Manchester United [note: I hate ManUre, but certain fans are tolerable].

So anyway...hail Crouchy. He DID make his England captain proud after all. =)

P/S: Aren't skinny and tall beings sexy and useful? So...NEVER EVER MAKE FUN OF MY CROUCHY AGAIN! I will slap you insensitive fools if you do so!

Me love Crouchy. Me love Sheva. Me love Lampsy. Me love JT. Me love Chelsea FC.

*Bluesy* out!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I have a confession...

People, I have a confession, and it ain't a pretty one. Here goes nothing [don't say I didn't warn you]:

I think SexyBack by Justin Timberlake is nice.

I'm NOT a Justin Timberlake fan. The ONLY song of his that I like [still do] is Cry Me A River!

This is NOT good.

Yes, I am mad, insane, deranged, and a whole load of words that mean the same.

Yesterday, Sylvien asked me what I wanted to do in life. Truth is, I don't know what I want. Because from the time I was young, I wanted to do something but it was never encouraged by my parents. Heck, I told my dad I wanted to be a journalist, and he said you don't need a degree to become a journalist. Which pretty much meant being a journalist is something every stupid person can do, but knowing him, he says bad things about other job prospects, simply because he thinks accountants ar highly respected and that rich billionaires like that Genting owner needs an accountant. So, everyday I find pieces to form a puzzle on what I REALLY want. One of the reasons why I decided to pursue psychology was because I don't want to be brainwashed by my dad about accountancy. He tried it before with my brother. Since it didn't work on him, my dad is trying it out on me.

But for now, the TEN things I want in life:
1. To prove to people closely related to me that my brother isn't the only smart one in the family.
2. To prove to my dad that there are more important job opportunities than an accountant.
3. To show that I can be successful even if my SPM results were not as what others expected it to be.
4. To be happy and content with all that I've got.
5. To be my own master and not let others dictate what I want to do.
6. To get less cranky.
7. To be happy in whatever I do.
8. To get to the due respect I deserve [no, I'm not demanding for it, I'm just hoping people would see it and give the credit I deserve]
9. To have someone who loves me for who and what I am, and not for what I'm NOT.
10. To go to Stamford Bridge before I die.

These are the things I want in my life, NOT what I want currently.

~You never know what life may bring,
Trust your spirits, find your wings,
Find your voice and let it sing,
Let it sing...~

Trust yourself and you'll know what you want. From the on, never let go.

My dear tall, sexy being. Please do me a favour: please let us win. If you love Chelsea, let us win. Muahahahahaha!

Oh, and make your Enlgand skipper proud of you. =)

*Bluesy* out!

Friday, August 11, 2006

It's a boring movie...

We watched Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man's Chest today! My father is mad.

"What movie you want to see? Got Click, Pirates, and The Break-Up"
"We see The Break-Up today, next week we see Pirates"
*moments before reaching the counter*
"We watch Pirates today. Next week we watch The Break-Up"

And then he said that the movie was boring! Hmmph...I should've known better than to trust someone who thinks Frank Lampard is useless.

2 weeks ago, I saw this nice England top, but my parents said wait till my exams were over. Today, I went in to the shop like a big hero and ask them if they still had the shirt...and guess what?

They said the shirt is no longer in stock. And the whole world is conspiring against me...today I saw 10 people wearing England shirts!

I knew I should have used my money to buy the shirt two weeks ago instead of waiting until the damned exams were over! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

There is also another conspiracy. Regarding shoes. Sadly I couldn't do any form of shoeping. All because the shoes were either too flimsy, too pink [or not the colour I desire] or too high. OR THE SHOES DON'T COME IN SIZES 7 AND 8.

Either I ask God to make my duck feet slightly smaller OR turn me into a boy [both will not likely happen].

So I invested some money on 2 books! Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society [by Adeline Yen Mah] and How I Became Stupid [by Martin Page]. And I bought 2 pairs of jeans.

My dad is SO weird.
"I think tomorrow [today] we go to Hartamas Shopping Centre"
"Because we haven't been there...so why don't we go there just to see what they have? They might have something nice there. Oh yeah, we're supposed to see movie tomorrow right?"
"Okay, then we go to Hartamas Shopping Centre next week"
"Okay..if it makes you happy"

My brother was quite shocked when he heard my dad said that Pirates was boring. He claims it's too much fantasy! WHAT IN THE NAME OF STEVEN GERRARD? Hello...it's not like I took you to watch Harry Potter right [I am biased, because I've never read nor watch anything Harry Potter because I'm not a fan]? So silly.

So annoyed that Keira Knightley got to kiss Johnny Depp. Hmmph...stupid stick.

I need pretty shoes. Dear God, make my feet smaller. Size 7 or 8 is too big.

**I did get slightly cranky today. Go figure why that happened**

In other exciting news, JOHN TERRY HAS BEEN NAMED ENGLAND'S NEW CAPTAIN! YAY! ALL HAIL THE NEW ENGLAND CAPTAIN! Now, let me find sexy pics of the CAPTAIN MARVEL to show you people why I think he deserves to be the new skipper!

He's NEVER satisfied. Always looking to improve his performance. NEVER wants to be second-best.

VERY reliable and dedicated. *This is our FATHER OF THE YEAR 2006 pic*

LOVES shiny things tied with ribbons [trophies and medals]. See how happy he is when he's holding that shiny thing?

NEVER afraid of standing next to tall and sexy beings [Sylvien, keep quiet].
NEVER afraid of his listening to his friends.

NEVER afraid to show how he feels. Shows true emotions.
NEVER afraid to show how passionate he is about a game.

NEVER lets pain affect his game.
ALWAYS puts the team before himself.

NEVER afraid to show how he feels about his friend.
VERY caring and loving friend.

Did you notice how weird Stevie G looked in the papers today?

*Bluesy* out!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yahoo...it's all over!




Okay...I'm still sane, people. Lah was okay. What am I saying? The paper was easy...because she gave the (almost) same questions for the tutorials!

The Frenchman wore a long-sleeved shirt and a tie today! He looked so different...and VERY sexy. Hahaha...

And today was a day which marked many things.
1. Swarna left to Medan at 8:20 AM [Who in the world leaves for somewhere at 8:20 AM? I'm probably in college or doing something useful...like sleeping]. Best of luck, girl!
2. My exams are officially done and dusted. BYE BYE HMC! WHEE!!!
3. It's my sexy twin's birthday. HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY, AIMEE!
Very pretty, yes? Oh yeah, she's much tinier than me. So envious. Hmmph.

My very wise mother said that if I had a boyfriend, he'll have to be alert especially when my mood swings go in high gear. Because I am cranky. It's all because of the hormone-imbalanced me. I'm cranky and when something that I'm really looking forward to never happens, I get really disappointed and get even crankier.

I am NOT like that all the time. Once a month only.

One waiter pours cold water. Then I drink half of it, ANOTHER waiter fills it up with warm water. *Great, now my cold water is is warm!*. Then ANOTHER one comes and tries to pour more water, so I tell him no. Then ANOTHER waiter comes and fills my glass with warm water AGAIN!

Tell me, how can you NOT get cranky in situations like this?
***Note: This has nothing to do with what my mother said about me having a boyfriend who has to be alert especially when I'm cranky! This is just to illustrate the fact I'm cranky when it's that time of the month again!***

I'm a nice person. ONLY a little mad and cranky occassionally.

*Bluesy* out!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What in the name of James Blunt?

**Maybe it's the imbalanced hormones, since it's that time of the month. I don't know. I apologise in advance anyway.**

Yesterday, I came down just to watch TV for a while, and Channel 81 was showing the Liverpool-Chelsea game [the 4-1 game...sshh..VERY sensitive issue to most Liverpool fans I know]. I wanted to watch it, but NO. My parents decided to watch Disney Channel instead!

*stares in disbelief* WHAT??? Watch football-lah, not cartoons! To think you two keep saying I'm too old for cartoons! Hmmph...

At least I did get to see Duff score [depressed that he left to play with Magpies and not Lions!].

And now...my Human Comm lecturer has once again managed to raise my temper. Apparently our marks are not too good. And to think he said our marks were much better than the other group.

Honestly...I don't know what this man wants. So indecisive.


There. I have successfully voiced out my frustration. Now I can get back to studying Lah.

Anyway...he's back. Who's back, you ask?

Him. My hero. He scored against Feyenoord. We won 1-0! Oh, look! He was the captain for that game! Yay! Who said he's useless?

More goals to come. Against Celtic and Liverpool this week. Sigh..now I can focus on football while I'm on my two-month break! Yay!

Something beautiful will come my way. It's called shopping.

*Bluesy* out!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

2 down, 1 more to go!

As the finals are coming to an end, so is my third semester. Which is really sad because my classmates who have touched my heart beyond words can say, are leaving to go their own way.

The many outings we had, the birthday parties, the classroom activities we shared, everything shall be part of my memories in HMC.

*I still have my stupid Legal Studies to finish, so can't be really sentimental now. Those Business and Accounting students so damn bahagia, they finish their exams tomorrow, while the Legal and Macroeconomics people have to wait until Thursday to finish ours! Hmmph...*

Human Comm today was do-able. But I think I screwed up my essay. Well, not totally, but just a little. They asked for three factors of audience analysis, and out of the three factors I listed down, one of it was wrong. =S But overall, I did okay. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I was counting the points with my fingers and was thinking of the elaboration part of it. My lecturer saw me doing that and came over to my table and asked if everything was okay. I replied: "Yes. Everything's okay". When deep down inside, I actually wanted to say this:

"No, sir. It's not okay. It's freaking cold in this room, the questions you've set are too challenging for my tiny brain, the time limit for this exam is too short, my nose is itchy from all the sneezing I've been doing and I'm thirsty. And I need a sweater!"

Excuse the crankiness. It's that time of the month, go figure.

2 days more, 1 paper left. Then shopping spree in KLCC! Whee!

I'm going to invest in some books. Right after I'm done with Sylvien's A Walk To Remember.

*Bluesy* out!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Who's madder?

Yes, we ARE still on the issue of Jenson Button. Please tell me who IS the MADDER one?

Candidate no.1:
"That Jenson Button, when he takes off his helmet and wears a cap, he looks so young and quite good-looking! When he wears his helmet, he looks damn old!" -Dad-

Candidate no.2:
Mother: *after hearing what I said about my dad regarding Jenson* Did you tell your father that Jenson is my boyfriend?



*Bluesy* out!

P/S: Too much of Human Comm for one day. Brains have stopped functioning properly. Do forgive me for this absolutely insane post. =)

And this IS VERY GAY. Quite shocking...=S Please view it. Don't say I didn't warn you about it being gay.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I promised, but...

I am going to break it. Just once.

I know I said no more pics of the abomination UNTIL MY EXAMS ARE OVER, but I wanted to post of photos of that little girl she's carrying.
Little Luna. Luna Coco Patricia Lampard.

Aww...that's sweet! He's blowing bubbles for her. And all that stupid abomination can do is just sit there and show off her big boobs. Phbbbt...!!! She's chubby and looks a lot like her daddy.

Oh no, she has inherited her mummy's lips! Is Louise Owen trying to match-make her son, James with Luna? She'd be a little older than him though.

Anyway, I did not study like I was supposed to. I went out to Swarna's house, because that girl is leaving to Indonesia to study on the 10th, the same day my exams are over!! Hmmph...here I was thinking of having an outing like last year after I finish my Lah paper, but no. She has to leave!

Can't blame her. 7 months of staying at home can REALLY kill you. Trust me. I've been through it before. 8 months of doing nothing spells boredom and suicide.

Jenson Button won today's race! Yay! My mum's pretty excited. Jenson's her favourite driver. And Pedro de la Rosa is amazing. The way he overtakes someone, that's what people call as skill. Alonso's overtaking skills can't beat his.

Who would have thought that Giancarlo Fisichella [very cute Italian], Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, and Michael Schumacher would crash or end up not finishing the race? This race was really action-packed, right from the start to the finish line.

I noticed I haven't been blogging bout F1 for quite some time already. My bad. Just had no time.

And before I go...I want to show this sexy person to the world.

You can't hear me? I said I'M JAMIE REDKNAPP AND I'M SEXY!

Yes, Jamie. We know you are.
And why couldn't your cousin marry someone like your wife who is much prettier than his wife @ abomination?

I will go study now, if it makes you happy.

*Bluesy* out!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Goodbye Stats!

STATS IS OFFICIALLY OVER! *throws confetti all over the room*

I might have lost 2 marks to a certain question because I forgot to round up the answer!

But the paper was tough! Every question I did made me feel scared because I wasn't sure whether it was the right working or formula or even answer!

And while I was doing my LAST question with 15 minutes remaining, I actually forgot the formula AND the working! I panicked. But luckily enough, I remembered. I just closed my eyes and remembered the steps slowly. When I remembered, that little voice in my head went: "It's all coming back to me now!". *I'm pleading for temporary insanity. Pardon me*

But it's done and dusted with, so the rest is up to God. *crosses fingers* Hopefully a DI for Stats will be good.

I'm tired. People might have perceptions of others, but somehow you never cling to first impressions FOREVER! Why can't your thick skull take in the fact that I am who I am and NOT who you perceive me to be? I'm NOT an airhead, you know.

I don't want the recognition of being smart. I just want you to see that I am not equally stupid like how you think I am. Why is that whenever I say something or I'm explaining something to someone, you HAVE to refute every other word I say? And you repeat the same thing AFTER I have already said it! And the worst thing, you treat everyone around you like they're three-year-olds! It's bad enough I'm getting love advice from stupid 15-year-olds, don't teach me like how you'd teach a three-year-old! I resent people like that!

No one quite gets me. I'm no glory-hunter [like what SOME people would think JUST BECAUSE I SUPPORT CHELSEA!]. I'm not modest or humble [getting really good marks DOES NOT MAKE A GENIUS, FOR GOD'S SAKE!].

I'm just me.

My cousin asked me yesterday if Frank Lampard left Chelsea to some club, would I still support Chelsea?

The answer is really obvious. I'D STILL LOVE CHELSEA THROUGH AND THROUGH. I might support his club part-time [right after I get out of being bitter and really cross with him!], but CHELSEA AND ME ARE FOREVER.

But if he goes to Barcelona, I'll kill the abomination! Even ManUre! Ever relish the prospects of seeing him and gayboy play together? Yech...they're better off being opponents rather than being team-mates!

*Liverpool 0 - FSV Mainz 5. Aduh...that's bad!*

MY five favourite EPL teams [in exact order]: Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspurs, Arsenal, Liverpool, West Ham United.

I'm going to rest today. No studying for the night. Human Comm on Tuesday!

1 down, 2 to go!

Merdeka MegaSales, here I come!

*Bluesy* out!